Computer AMC Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Gurgaon

Computer AMC Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad & Gurgaon

In modern times, computer systems have become indispensable in both personal and professional spheres. We rely heavily on them for various tasks, making it crucial to prioritize their maintenance and proper functioning. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) provide an effective means to achieve this goal.

What is Computer AMC services

Computer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services entail an agreement between a computer owner and a service provider to guarantee thorough maintenance and timely repairs. Om Sai Techno Services, a renowned service provider, offers comprehensive computer AMC services in Delhi. These services encompass hardware and software maintenance, along with regular system check-ups and repairs.

Professional Services under AMC Services

1. Enhanced System Performance

Regular maintenance ensures that your computer system functions optimally, preventing system failures and crashes.

2. Reduced downtime

AMC services guarantee the detection and resolution of minor issues before they escalate, thereby reducing system downtime.

3. Cost savings

AOpting for AMC services offers a cost-efficient method for computer system maintenance, mitigating the expense of repairing major system failures.

4. Expert support

Om Sai Techno Services provide expert support, ensuring that your computer system is in the hands of professionals.

Don’t be caught off guard

We make sure there are no surprises to interrupt your daily flow. If something is about to break, you’ll know before it happens and be given proactive solutions

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What we offer Under Computer AMC Services

  • Installing or Removing Computer Hardware.
  • Online services related to troubleshooting network issues.
  • Services encompassing computer repair, unlimited customer support, and other associated offerings.
  • Installing antivirus software to protect your desktop from various virus threats.
  • Support of a single window which facilitates all the requirements of your desktop.
  • Monitor maintenance so that you do not have to face the hurdles associated with screen displays and resolutions.
  • Assistance in substantial cost savings for the betterment of your desktop performance in comparison to individual calls.
  • Virus Removal Assistance to safeguard your desktop files and data from engulfment by viruses such as Spywares and Adwares.

Types of Computer AMC services

Computer AMC services offer several types of AMC services, including:

1. Comprehensive AMC services

This type of AMC service covers all aspects of computer maintenance, including hardware and software maintenance, repairs, and periodic check-ups.

2. Non-comprehensive AMC services

This type of AMC service covers only specific parts of the computer system, such as the hardware or software, and excludes other aspects.

3. Preventive maintenance AMC services

This type of AMC service involves regular system check-ups and maintenance to prevent system failures.

4. Breakdown maintenance AMC services

This type of AMC service covers repairs and maintenance of systems that have broken down.

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